Haze-Growroom Community

Server Rules

Haze Growroom Server Rules

No hacking

No offensive, racial, hateful or vulgar language in side channel

No excessive use of voice over side channel

No excessive whining about being killed etc.

No spoiling players locations or other crucial information

No camping of donator bases.

Donators cannot camp-kill from inside their bases.

If you cancel your base/loadout subscription AT ANY TIME we reserve the right to sell your base to someone else and/or increase the price of the base and/or loadout to keep with current pricing. Keeping your subscription current guarantees you your base/loadout at the current price.

No attacking into or out of bases. If you are caught initiating attacks you will be sanctioned. This may include up to a perm ban with NO REFUND for repeat/excessive abuse.

Tents and vehicles are NOT guaranteed. If you lose items in stored in vehicles or tents there is not a whole lot we can do. We MAY, at our discretion, attempt to help in replacing items lost in tents. Items stored in vehicles will NOT be replaced.

"Farming" of players with loadouts to equip other people and/or load up boxes/tents is considered exploiting and will result in sanction up to and including a perma ban for all players involved (possibly the whole base) with NO REFUND.

Donors are only allowed 1 air vehicle and two ground vehicles above and beyond what they have purchased. This is to keep the hoarding of vehicles in protected domes to a minimum. The rest of the players deserve vehicles as well.
Failure to follow these rules will result in a kick/ban.


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