Haze-Growroom Community

Overwatch Server 1


Self Blood Bag 
 Take Clothes

 Salvage Vehicles
  Debug Monitor
Build Motorbike/Mozzie/UAZ/Heli Molotov Cocktail
  Fully Militarised
  Custom Heli Chrashes
  Craft Menü
  Welcome Message
Kill Message
Sleep Tent
Dance on Fire
Random Loadout
  Donator Loadouts
Auto Refuel

Extra Buildings:

Outpost Balota
  Balota Airfield more Barraks and Medi Tents
Bridge to Skalisky
  Outpost Skalisky
  Outpost Novilog
Outpost Haze Grow Farm
  NWAF more Barraks and Hangars
NEAF more Barraks and Hangars
Militär Camps NWAF
  Outpost Klen
  Outpost Lopatino
Outpost Haze Station
  Black Forest
  New City @ Cap Golova
  More Hospital´s
  Stary more Barraks
  Cherno more Buldings
  Elektro more Buildings
  Gas Stations
  More Supermarkets

Kamenka more Buildings
Survivor City with extra Loot


Do Not Hack
No Glitching
No Duping
Dont talk in Siede Chat
No Spawnkilling


Major Kush & JefreyHB


Allmighty Bob & MalM

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